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Todd Martin was more dangerous in his era than Wawrinka is in the current era.

Todd Martin had a great serve ( he was 1.98 m or 6 ft 6 in ), had very powerful flat groundstrokes, he knew how to volley.

He played great in the Australian Open of 1994, defeating Edberg in the SF ( 3-6 7-6 7-6 7-6 ), but lost to Sampras ( 6-7 4-6 4-6 ).

In 1994 he also got to the SF of Wimbledon (lost to Sampras 4-6 4-6 6-3 3-6) and the SF of the US OPEN (lost to Agassi in four sets).

He was runner-up in the 1999 US OPEN losing to Agassi in five sets (he was leading two sets to one), and lost to Safin in four sets the following year in the SF.

He had a bit of bad luck because almost everytime he was playing great and was getting to SF or Final of a GS, he faced Sampras or Agassi there (bad luck because in the 90s there were several GS tournaments were neither Sampras nor Agassi were in the SF stage) and lost to them.

Clearly his best shot at a GS tournament was in 1996 Wimbledon, where he got to the SF stage and had to face Malivai Washington AND the other SF was Krajicek-Stoltenberg (Krajicek defeated Sampras in the QF and Stoltenberg defeated Ivanisevic in the QF, so imagine how Todd would feel, suddenly Sampras AND Ivanisevic were out!!!).

He was the clear favourite against Washington and, had he won, he would have been favourite against Stoltenberg (had Stoltenberg won his SF) in the final (and 50-50 against Krajicek in a hypothetical final).

Todd Martin was leading 5-1 in the fifth set against Malivai Washington but incredibly he ended up losing the match.

I think Martin-Krajicek would have been a great 1996 Wimbledon final, much more competitive than Krajicek-Washington, but it wasn't meant to be.
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