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Am I nuts?

Like I previously said, at the very least he is an accomplice to murder and he got nothing but, a misdemeanor for obstruction of justice (giving misleading information to police and telling his friends in the limo to never speak of what took place) in return for throwing his friends under the bus and the mysterious vanishing act his bloodied white suit.

You're right, that's an A+ role model right there. We should just forget about that like the media has because he's good at a game.

Matt Schaub but, yea seemed more or less along the same lines. But, I doubt the NFL will do anything about it since it's Brady.
Not talking about football. Ray has his own charity and is involved in many others. He also supports many causes, in 06 he won the JB award and he has been honoured with an act of kindness award for his community work. He is also a very strong Christian and helps people who are in need. Watch a football life for some examples. While what he did was wrong with the whole incident, one bad thing that he was never actually accused of, does not make him a bad person.
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