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Originally Posted by tennis34 View Post
Thanks or taking a look! The league management is not ready yet. Sorry, I should have pulled that out from the features list!

Which features are you exactly looking for when managing a league? I'm more than happy to add them
Well I was trying to think of what offers. They are apparently going to start charging for access to their formerly free system so some captains at our club are looking around for alternatives.

Like I wrote before, that involves being able to enter a schedule of matches (dates, opponents, and locations) and assigning players to each match and line then being able to contact them through the system but also a lot of other functions. I've copied their team member menu options and the captain menu options below where the text in bold is a section title to give you an idea of what tennisone does. You could always join and see for yourself.

Team Member

My Information

Update Personal Information
Match Schedule & Availability
Practice Schedule & Availability

My Match Information
Match Availability Summary
Match Schedule & Lineup
Confirm My Match Availability
Display Match Emails
Add Matches to Google Calendar

Teammate's Match Information
Update Teammate's Match Availability
Confirm Teammate's Availability

Practice Information
Practice Availability Summary
Practice Responses by Date/Time
Update Teammate's Practice Availability

Team Information
View Team Roster
Email Team
Player and Team Rankings
Match Results
Team Blog
Edit Team Blog
Upload Team Pictures
View Team Pictures

Club Information
Club Schedule of Matches
My Matches for All Teams
Email Players at my Club

Apparel and Equipment


Team and Club Information

Getting Started
Team Information
Club Information
Hide Pages from Players
Delete This Team
Opposing Team Information
Captain/Coach's Message

Team Members
Add Players from my Club
Add New Players to Roster
Remove Players from Roster
Edit Player Information

Scheduling - Matches
Match Schedule
Match Lineup
Email Opposing Teams
USTA NorCal Schedule Upload
Tennislink/Excel Schedule Upload

Scheduling - Practices
Practice Schedule
Practice Availability Details
Practice Lineup

Matches and Results
Print Lineup Card
Match Results

Team members login problems

We actually use a different online system to schedule court time and make reservations for lessons with a club pro on our courts. I believe it is run by the USPTA and is found at You might want to consider integrating its functions as well to generate more interest in your software.
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