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Originally Posted by Andyroddickfan View Post
Not talking about football. Ray has his own charity and is involved in many others. He also supports many causes, in 06 he won the JB award and he has been honoured with an act of kindness award for his community work. He is also a very strong Christian and helps people who are in need. Watch a football life for some examples. While what he did was wrong with the whole incident, one bad thing that he was never actually accused of, does not make him a bad person.
Actually, he was indicted aka officially accused. He struck a plea deal for obstruction of justice and testified against his friends in return for them dropping the murder charges(Not saying he was the murderer, but at least an accomplice)

He's about as innocent as OJ Simpson, just replace the glove with white jacket.

Not for nothing but, he also did his best Cromartie impression with 6 kids with 4 different moms.

His "good deeds" are pretty much a PR campaign to revamp his image. Clearly, they are working.
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