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Originally Posted by rufus_smith View Post
Are many good long distance runners taller than 6'2"?
Many ATP men (Raonic, Isner, Anderson, Cilic, etc) seem too tall to run a fast long distance race in a decent time.
Geez! How many more stereotypes can we throw out there? I suppose certain people can't play QB in the NFL either? RUBBISH!

We had a kid who was 6'7" a couple of years ago running 17:30s for us in hs. I'll stick to the fact that he was no where near an elite athlete like ATP players are and he could do it. Any guy who can maintain a high quality of tennis for 5 hours can go out and run 5k in under 20 minutes. Ask your friends who were in the military how fast they ran their times while in boots. I bet you'd be surprised at how fast they ran when a drill sergeant was screaming at them and they weren't elite athletes either. You can't compare weekend warriors to elite athletes. On your best day, you couldn't win a game off of one of these guys....Not even if you landed your best serve right where you wanted it to go for 4 straight points.

These guys have to do running in their daily training to maintain their endurance.
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