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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
pinch a string in between your fingertips as hard as you can, and then have a friend yank it as fast as (s)he can. Learn it the old school way

As the other two have succinctly said, avoid friction burns. Tennis strings have friction due to tension --> (mains) resisting movement (crosses). If you pull the cross strings across the mains quickly enough, the mains will pit and have burned (melted) pits from the friction created by the crosses.
haha, not so sure. code is more like it, but hey...

basically, don't rip the crosses across the mains
fan them them toward the non strung (crosses) end of
the racket as you pull the working end of the string in
prep to tension the next cross.

also, make sure you're stringing "one ahead". weave the next cross,
before you tension the previous one, leave a loop to do so (tension).
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