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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
It depends. If I'm playing someone at my level, no. But if I was playing someone several levels above me, then maybe. For example as a 4.5, how would I feel if a 6.0 or 6.5 was trying to peg me with a 130mph serve on every serve, even if I was returning from behind the baseline? Dunno.

Which of course is the problem with mixed - if you're a 4.5 playing mixed against a 3.5 woman, who is maybe the equivalent of a 3.0 male, it's the same situation.
Two comments about this. First, this is a competitive match. If it were a social match with friends who happened to be a lot better/worse than you, then, OK, you should probably hold back, but we're talking about a league match between presumably relatively evenly matched opponents and one who specifically said she uses that strategy to get a psychological edge. Second, she's standing right behind the baseline of here own volition. If you're playing Sam Querrey for whatever reason and you stand 3 feet behind the service line to return his serve and end up getting nailed a couple times, I'm sorry, that's your fault.
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