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Please answer honestly: you really dont find federer's tennis more fun and incredible to watch than djoker's?
The way he builds his offense also which djoker has no idea about btw is also something special dont you think?

And yes: you're being federized

Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Total BS. Djokovic is not a pusher at all btw. Only on TT, the definition of pusher is: "a guy who doesn't win every point with his serve". Djoko has superlative defensive AND offensive skills. And only on TT, Fed's limitations in terms of defensive skills become the utmost quality for a tennis player to the point where players who DO have superlative defensive skills should be somehow banned to exercise them. Right. This is such an outrageous point of view for any tennis fan that it gets really hard to take the Fed worshippers seriously as genuine fans of the sport itself. (You've been federized, all right, time to find an antidote to the brainwashing...)
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