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Originally Posted by drak View Post
I will, I also got some 15L tonic 1.35 I will try after the current setup breaks.BTW I was wrong on the Poly, it's Tech Black code in a 15L, not Black widow.
Yes, I couldn't resist and bought a set of Klip 15 gauge when TW carried it. I think it may be an excellent candidate in this frame.

Originally Posted by couch View Post
Great review Rabbit. I agree with you on all accounts. The only downside like you said is the string durability. I had the same issue with BB Alu Power. After about an hour of hitting and playing points it broke on me. I wish I could have seen the look on my face because it was both disbelief and concern at the same time. I have used 4G 16g and it lasted about 3-4 hours the first go around of mostly hitting. The second go around I got a little extra out of the strings. Going to hit with Black Code 15L tonight and will see how that goes.

I definitely think a thicker, maybe cheaper, poly is in order for this racquet if you play at a somewhat high level. I don't think tension maintenance will be as important with this racquet because of the durability issues. They just won't last as long. You still want to make sure you're getting that snap back however. Will be interesting to see what people settle in with string wise.
Thanks, always appreciated. Yeah, the 5.0 who broke the set of ALU said "you know, I just don't like stringing that much". He wasn't overjoyed that the strings broke that soon. Who knows, there may be a wave of them 2nd hand still like new for sale from the guys who eat strings.

Originally Posted by Stroke View Post
Is anyone using vibration dampners with this racquet?
Yes, I did with mine. It made a difference in the feel, from metal-ish to wood-ish.

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Exciting to see more than a few of us definitely catching the bug now or whatever. Specially interesting re the serve aspect as I haven't even served properly with mine yet. Noted too the soft, cheap, thick poly observation, plus the touch/C10 comment (still, even during these racketaholic wilderness years, the C10 does have a certain habit of being taken out of my bag every now and then lol). Very nice review, Rabbit.
Roger that!

I do think that while poly is an excellent choice in this frame, there are other strings which will work as well. I'm looking forward to a gut/poly combination. Either that or a thin poly/multi cross. I've always said I love stringing...
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