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Default AO now playing FASTER than the USO?

I was watching ESPN's coverage of the Fed-Raonic match last night, and Patrick McEnroe stated explicitly that, with the courts playing faster this year, that the AO surface is now quicker than the surface at Flushing Meadows. Fowler asked him, "Isn't that the opposite of how it used to be for a long time?" PMac immediately said yes, then proceeded to go on about how the courts were all being slowed down for the past ten years, and how it will be nice to see more variety and some quicker courts in the future.

So two questions: what does this slight change of surface speed at the AO mean for the top players? Who benefits the most/the least? And don't PMac's remarks confirm what many posters here have often derided as conspiracy theory -- that almost all surfaces on the tour have been slowed down significantly in recent years?
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