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Originally Posted by Laurie View Post
Just wondering if you are sure about that?

I am not a stats person but there are guys like Greg Rusedski and Goran Ivanisevic who would be considered to have some of the greatest serves in that era of "poorer returns and poorer baseline games" and yet one player won one slam towards the end and Rusedski played in just one major final. Then Phillippoussis played two finals and lost both, whilst Krajicek and Stich only won 1 slam each.

So it seems that had Roddick played in that era his chances of winning more slams would not have been enhanced judging by players who had similar big serves.
I'll admit I should've qualified it with "IMO", but here's why I think what I think: Roddick > Goran with his mental blocks, despite Goran's superior serve. If Federer hadn't taken out Pete in 2001, Goran would still be slamless.
I do believe Roddick is a better server than Stich and Rusedski.. Krajicek is a tough call. I always thought his injuries held him back from achieving greater heights.
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