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Originally Posted by Defcon View Post
The other guys who depend on a big serve, like Isner, Dr.Ivo etc, at least they have one decent shot (like Isner's forehand) or volley skills (Ivo), something to match their serve oriented game.

Milos has.... the flat inside out fh from ad court. That's it. That's the only shot he can hit, only off short balls/weak returns. His forehand is so ugly he can't hit any other type with any pace or spin.

Everything else - movement, bachkand, net skills, control - is complete and utter garbage.
And yet this so-called 1 demensional player has managed to get to R 3 in 1 slam, and R4 in 2 different slams , 3 titles and a high of #13 by age 22 and the respect of the top players.

Now how do you explain that?

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