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Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
Since when is David Ferrer a member of the "big 4"?
Ferrer deserves his place. The others should never have given up the day job.
Hey, Dad, how many majors did you win? Uh, none. How can the rest of the field be so bad they can't win anything beyond a 1000? They all need to hire a sports psychologist or do something else.

The AO is the one place you might get an upset, but anyone outside the top four is just a waste of money if you are betting. I wouldn't put a dime on any of them.

At least Ferrer knows how to move, unlike Isner, Raonic etc and he is not a mental reject unlike, well you know who. Tomic getting to the final, that is just a joke.maybe they could ask Goran to leave the seniors and entertain us for a bit.
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