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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
How am I talking crap? I'm talking from experience since I do benchpress. When I was 22, my max benchpress was 150lbs. I then regularly trained in the benchpress 2 times per week and increased it to 175lbs in 3 months and up to 205lbs in 5 months. I maxed at 205lbs. I joined the gym in November 2005 and increased my benchpress to 260lbs by August 2006. My max benchpress was 280lbs in 2008 and then I began doing more cardio exercises.
So to think that I went from 150lbs to 280lbs by doing nothing more than basic gym weights and not following any kind of special diet or real training routine leads me to believe that somebody like Federer who is bigger than me could be doing the same or more if he dedicated his time to it. He's a world class athlete.
Serena is a woman. She has far less bone density and muscle mass. Keep things in perspective. Don't ever compare women to men when it comes to physical strength and power.
but have you actually seen either bench.....crickets.....
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