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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
^^^ Yes, indeed.

Although, being a Spurs fan down the years (too many miserably lean years to recount), if there's one thing I've learned re optimistic forecasts, it's to tread cautiously... VERY cautiously.
Hard to see Spurs drop points in the second half of the season again like last year, where you guys finished the final 16 games with 23 points. Dont see that happening TBH.

Spurs have gunners/pool in the first 2 weeks of March, think that could be the decider for 4th. If Liverpool can maintain the current 7 point gap till Spurs visit, 4th could be well within reach if we manage a victory. But we have 2 tough games coming up and the 7 point gap could potentially be 10+, if thats the case, we can kiss 4th goodbye regardless of the result that day.
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