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Originally Posted by srvnvly View Post
Ground strokes had more plow-through on the Pro, compared to the prior version. I have a OHBH, and I could comfortably swing away and get good depth and power (I could also hit long or short, as I have with any racquet, but I got to a high confidence level quickly). Serves took a little more time to get in a groove, but hard flat serves had good power; I was surprised on some deep slice serves I hit: more power than I though I would get vs the effort of the serve. Volleys were awesome; I had no problem getting power or with placement. I even had a couple of tough half-volley digs. The weight of the racquet is a little higher than I normally like, but I could make it work.
Thanks. Nice review. Glad to hear it feels good for a one hander.
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