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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
No. I do sometimes (often) stand 3-4 feet in from the baseline, but that's because I genuinely think it gives me better chances of returning, not because I'm trying to get into my opponent's head.

It depends. If I'm playing someone at my level, no. But if I was playing someone several levels above me, then maybe. For example as a 4.5, how would I feel if a 6.0 or 6.5 was trying to peg me with a 130mph serve on every serve, even if I was returning from behind the baseline? Dunno.

Which of course is the problem with mixed - if you're a 4.5 playing mixed against a 3.5 woman, who is maybe the equivalent of a 3.0 male, it's the same situation.
She is a good 4.0 woman .. I am barely a 4.5 man. So it is more of a man woman thing than it is that she is rated well below me.
"You should be playing linebacker, not singles."
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