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Federer encouraged by Raonic attitude

After his match v. Raonic Federer had this to say about Raonic and Tomic. And Federer's the boss!

Fed was asked to
compare two of the ATP World Tour’s rising stars, Australia’s Bernard Tomic and Milos Raonic of Canada, at the Australian Open on Monday. Federer beat both players en route to the quarter-finals.

“They’re totally different,” said the Swiss. “What I like about Milos is he seems very committed and seems like he has his team set up, travels every week with the same kind of guys. You feel like he's focused on the matches and the practice. The rest is sort of taken care of, which is the good thing, the business side, all the PR. He seems like he's in a good place where he can just really focus on tennis.

“Whereas I think Tomic still needs some time to figure out his team, figure out all the other things that are happening. Obviously Milos has a bit of an advantage because he's been at the top now for some time. This is where it's interesting to see what direction they go, where they practise, who they work with, so forth.

“They are totally different sort of characters it seems like as well. But both tall and strong and obviously with great potential.”

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