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OMG, the Seinfeld stuff is cracking me up.

So, we lost in the semis. In a f*cking tiebreak. To the team that won it all. F*cking MD.

It was an insane day. Because we only had three flights, there was a wildcard up for grabs for the fourth spot into semis, based on the next best winning percentage based on games won/lost. But we also still had a shot at our flight, if we won and the team that beat us (Norfolk) lost to Frederick. I have a friend on the Frederick team...her name is Amy...she's come to a TWMAC meetup. I asked her to do her stuff.

And she did! But Norfolk had strong 4.0 and 4.5 lines. So we finished second in our flight, but since we won our morning match 2-1 (I did not play), we were still in the running for the wild card. We needed Moco to beat Anne Arundel, so Anne Arundel wouldn't get it.

And they did. 2-1. More tiebreaks.

So, with about ten minutes notice, we were into the semis. We beat out Anne Arundel by 3%! And now we had to play the team that just 'helped' us out...Moco. F*cking MD.

And I was in...I knew if we made the semis I was going in. Against two people I know very well and have played is on the singles team that I captain. Same team my partner plays on.

We are women, so we are more adept at breaking than holding...lots of breaks, and we lost a tight first set 4-6.

Got down a break in the second thanks to me suddenly not being able to get my serve in. Break back for 3-all. And then come alive...suddenly I'm at net, because I noticed one gal always floated her BH, and hell, I started poaching. My partner also plays singles, and she was taking care of business in the back of the court against two opponents who hit topspin off their FH like their lives depend on it. I hold, we break, my partner serves it out for 6-3 in the second set.

By now we knew we had lost the 4.5 court. And the 4.0s were giving us the thumbs up. TB time!

Again, I kept it up at the net, my partner was solid in the back (plus she has good hands at the net). We are 6-7, on serve, me serving. And a ~questionable~ double from me puts us at 6-8. We lose next point. 6-9. Partner's FH returns teeters on the top of the netcord....and falls back on our side.

Except for my serving, it was the best dubs match I've played in a long time. Downs knows...I don't usually get into the net much. It was bittersweet...since we are all friends on the court, and we played so well, and still couldn't pull it out for the team. Our two strongest '4.5s' were not with us, and that did not help. One was playing against us actually.

And our court was a '3.5' court...we all have '4.0s' next to our names now.

And they went through and defeated Norfolk (who I don't think anyone saw coming) in the final.

F*cking TBs!!!!!!

Downs...again, you played lights out tennis in the final. Well done!

Everyone loved the chocolate mousse pie! I am sorry to say that I could not coordinate having the pie and McLovin at the same place at the same time so he could get some too.
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