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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
shoulder is a joint... it provides range of motion, but not power.

power comes from stretched muscles.... in this case the back muscles.
the shoulder is a joint? gee thanks. so i guess that means the hip is a joint too as well as the wrist. you learn something everyday here.

1hbh is powered by the shoulder. not the back. i guess that explains why you tell everyone to open up on the 1hbh. If you are using the back for power then you are doing it wrong.

power comes from muscle contractions not stretched muscles. you are confusing ssc on the fh with something else. there is ssc on a 1hbh but in much less capacity and just about unnoticeable and occurs mostly in segments of the kinetic chain, if you have one, on a 1hbh and after that a little bit on the forearm if you have good form.
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