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Originally Posted by fed_rulz View Post
me thinks you haven't watched much of him then?

Federer's career hold % is 88%; similar to Pete's 89% (if Pete's 89% is similar to Roddick's 90%). Both faced an average of 0.35 break points per service game, except Federer faced 1000 more bps by virtue of playing more matches. Pete saved 68% of bps faced, while Federer saved 67%. Federer has won more % of points on the 2nd serve than Pete (though I remember someone questioning that stat because of the way ATP kept their stats in the early 90s).

I interpreted important moments as being high-pressure moments (later stages of grand slams, for instance), and Federer clearly has had more of them than Pete.

if you want to compare federer and sampras here is an intersting article.

i still think sampras serve was better than roddicks. those statistics may be similar but sampras was a better clutch server and sampras played better players more often in bigger matches
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