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Originally Posted by OHBH View Post
The difference is simple. Pete was a serve and volleyer, a style of play that makes it tougher to hold when you are having an off day. Roddick on an off day could still hold because he could grind out a service game fairly easily against anybody outside the top ten. Plus Andy left the game before his game had really declined. Pete's last years on tour were pretty poor expect that final US open title which made it all worthwhile. So that is going to skew the career numbers. At his peak, Pete had the better serve
Besides the fact that I don't think it matters what style you play if you have an off day, I'm not so sure about the bolded part either. Sampras was a shell of his former self when he retired, but so was Roddick.

Look at their records in their last 3 years on tour. 2000, 2001, and 2002 for Sampras, and 2010, 2011, and 2012 for Roddick. They're eerily similar.

2000 Sampras: 42-13
2010 Roddick: 48-18

2001 Sampras: 35-16
2011 Roddick: 34-16

2002 Sampras: 27-17
2012 Roddick: 23-16
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