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Originally Posted by T1000 View Post
Why hasn't Kelley been fired yet and ND sanctioned? This bs lie game, covered up a **** and the victim killed herself in 2010, and he made a student tape practice on a metal lift 50ft in the air during a storm and he died also in 2010. Honestly this is becoming worse than Penn St. and so glad they got destroyed by Bama (and I hate every SEC school)
Great post. Kelley is scum and should be in prison right now. ND is totally hypocritical.

Te'o certainly fits the profile of the rockhead athlete to be duped (at first I thought he was in on it for publicity but that now appears not to be the case) this easily.

And what does this say about the quality of the ND female population; star athlete has to have a long distance gf? I'm afraid to ask what the mortals do.
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