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Nadal may win more slams (possible) but overall I dont know. Nadal has the advantage in the masters department, and the career grand slam (Which I dont know how much it accounts for anymore, its not like Agassi winning the career slam).

Sampras has wayyyy more time on top and all those YEC titles as well (something Nadal hasn't one yet).. I dont think Nadal was on top even for a year was he?

Nadal and Pete both have dominance over their main rivals.. Both mentally tough and maybe the greatest competitors ever. Type A personalities.. They're similar in that regard

I hope Nadal does break all the records and has a long time on top to end his career. I would rather see Nadal be the dominant hands down GOAT more then I would rather see anyone other then Sampras.

Nadal's my 2nd favorite player ever.

The only thing that really hurts Nadal is he just wasn't on top for very long at #1 and he is probably gonna have to win some more non clay slams IMO. Pete was on top for 6-7 years straight.

I hope Nadal does demolish every record set though. God bless him.. He deserves it. He proved a lot of people wrong. Hes a down to earth cat, hes respectful. He isn't a freakin silver spoon primadonna pansy who thinks hes too good for everyone else regardless of how great his career is.

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