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Originally Posted by tennis_badger View Post
lol, hillarious, 17 GS champion and all those records he broke and you're saying he doesnt have a champion qualities? yeah, those wins are just fluke...
Don't get exited, I never said he didn't have champion qualities. I was comparing both their qualities. And it's no contest really, unbiased fans will admit that Pete had more of that "champion" quality than Rog. Pete made the most of what he had and dominated his rivals. Rog, I've always felt under achieved. I think he should have won the calendar slam more than once and allowing Nadal to own him is his greatest fault as a champion. If you compare the numbers Rog wins, obviously, but measuring the status of a champion has more to do with character than stats. Rog has done well, he's the most talented player ever, 17-time GS champ and a great ambassador for the sport. There's no such thing as the perfect player. Wanting and believing him to have everything is just silly and greedy.
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