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Really good question OP. I will say no mostly because of the first line you stated. I think Nadal finishes tied with Sampras in majors and he has the career slam which Sampras doesn't, but IMO weeks at #1 and YEC titles give the edge to Sampras even if they finish tied. Mostly because Sampras blows Nadal out of the water in these categories, and I'm not sure I see Nadal ever getting back to #1, and I doubt even more that he'll ever win a YEC if it stays on indoor hard which it looks like it will. Really this all comes down to how much you rate the career GS versus say weeks at #1 and YEC titles. Pete also has more YE #1's, but Nadal has more MS titles. I think Sampras's accomplishments will be seen as slightly better than Nadal's by the time Nadal is retired.
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