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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
I have looked at old ranking list and all the way back to the 60's there were players from all over the globe meaning "global" ,what has happened is simple population has exploded countries have better economy's and there are more kids from different country's that are "striving" and tend to be all business ,

we on the other hand have become less of a manufacturing powerhouse and it has now trickled down to our children ,, TRY this go find 10 college graduates give them a car vacuum and watch how many can do and even decent job at this simple task ,trust me I have seen 3 different grads attempt this and its pretty sad the results I watched .
I have been hearing this for a very long time now. Kids used to be able to do chores, shop for groceries, fix stuff, girls used to know how to cook and sew, etc. My mother used to say this to me when I was a kid. But the world has changed. It is now more valuable to spend time on academics (or tennis) rather than develop these skills. You can always pay someone to do it. There was a time when a man had to be able to repair a car. A real man was seen working under the car every weekend. Today, he is probably better off doing something in that time to make extra bucks or enhance his job related education, and get a mechanic to take care of the car.
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