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Originally Posted by President View Post
Federer deserves to be the GOAT more than either of them...for all he has done to promote the sport (that your boy Petros NEVER did) for his utter dominance of the field for 4 years, and his amazing playing style. Not to mention he owns most of the important records in this sport.

Nadal has been a great ambassador to the sport as well. What are u talking about? Utter dominance? He couldn't dominate Nadal.. He dominated everyone BUT Nadal.. And to a lesser extent Nole.

If there is anyone who deserves to be GOAT its Nadal and it isn't even close. He proved the world wrong.. Most thought he would never never do anything off of clay, he beats your boy at wimbledon.. Then they said he wouldn't anything on hard courts (Myself included), he goes out and wins BOTH hardcourt slams (beating Fed twice at the AO) and the olympics. He could have continued to get down on himself and let Nole continue to run over him? (Like Fed let Nadal).. Nope.. Nadal took Nole out 3 straight times last year.

Nadal has the upper hand on his main rivals for his career (Fed couldn't do it)

Nadal has also been the hardest working player BY FAR in the history of this game.. His training sessions are one of legends

Nadal has less talent then guys like Sampras and Fed and Laver Yet put himself into that same level of greatness due to his desire hard work and dedication

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