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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
What the flying **** are you talking about? Even by your logic, the fact that he didn't "try" at the French means he's not a multi-faceted. I don't even buy that because in Sampras' day, people were still hailing Laver's achievements.
Him not "trying" has nothing to do with his abilities, as I'm sure you're aware. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you. Greatness isn't measured by multi-faceted game.

There was much more media play on Federer/Sampras than the Sampras/Laver thing. For the most part they only started mentioning Laver when Pete was getting close to breaking those records. From the beginning, Roger's career was shadowed by Pete all the way down to the comparisons of their game. By 05, Roger's career was already paved, break Pete's Records and become the "greatest player ever" giving him a clear head start in the competition to break his rival's records. Pete didn't consider the race to greatness till he was half way through his career.
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