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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
not making much sense.... maybe there is a disconnect.

supination, racket face wipes windshield clockwise, how do you provide any leverage on the top bevel?

btw - drawing a sword is actually a pretty bad analogy..... this is from the old school and you won't have any leverage on balls above chest unless you flip the racket face on the way up to the ball.
You don't get much I'll give you that. I guess the fingers tighten on contact just as they do on a forehand. You get leverage by pulling the buttcap towards the ball and then when buttcap passes the ball and comes across. the leverage come there just like in a fh. Like a hammer. To properly hammer a nail you don't drive the head straight down. Well, you can.. but the pros pull on the handle and then pull back (across) and the L shape and the direction change and the angle gives them leverage to pound it in in only a couple of hits instead of hacks who take 10 hits while they tap tap tap in the nail.

drawing the sword is not a bad analogy. You pull out a sword leading by end of the handle. You don't think fed looks like he's drawing a sword here? And look at his shoulder. You don't think he's using it here?
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