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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
Federer is more accomplished, thus if anyone deserves to be the GOAT it is him. It's very simple actually. I don't care how hard Nadal worked. You can't say Federer or anyone else for that matter didn't have to work as hard. If you don't have the better list of accomplishments you won't be the GOAT.
Fed didn't have to work nearly as hard as Nadal did. Fed isn't notorious for those grueling training sessions like Nadal is. Nadal had to almost re-evaluate and revamp his game to become a major threat outside of clay. Fed just also had just more raw talent then Nadal (and the gift of better health, Nadal came into pro tennis with foot problems). Nadal had to do ALOT more to be an all time great then Pete or Roger did who had more talent and raw ability on more then just one surface at a younger age.
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