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Because of issues I've had with my feet, I have bought or tried on just about everything looking for the maximum amount of cushioning. First off, the mention of Nike, Adidas, Asics, or Lotto has no place in a conversation about shoe cushioning as these brands tend to have the LEAST amount of cushioning compared to some other brands.

Now for the winners in this category: Prince (T series are my favs), Wilson Tour Ikon, Yonex, Fila, and some KSwiss models. The Wilson and Prince shoes have the most cushioning I have yet to find in a shoe. Fila's are nice for comfort but lack in stability and durability. KSwiss Bigshots have a nice amount of cushioning, they just don't fit my feet quite as well as Wilson or Prince. Can't go wrong with Yonex though; they are a fantastic all-around shoe with substantial cushioning.

Hope this helps -

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