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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Hey 'sensitive' one, i never said it was an accident. I 'certainly' did it on purpose; just like I purposely just used the word certainly to confuse your tiny brain...

any other questions

BTW; I've been spelling rosol like that for a while now (symbolizing his incredible insignificance). If you'd paid better attention, instead of mastering the art of duplicity, you'd know that!
The point is, you accuse me of behavior you yourself (and only you) display. I know you've spelled Rosol like that for ages, it proves you consistantly use the spelling of a players name in small letters as some insult and then you have the nerve to say I do it. Maybe no surprise with this malicious mentality you see someone else miss a capital letter once or twice and think they are vintictive and strange like you.

And you didn't intentionally try to confuse me with the word "certainly", you just realised what an utter **** you were looking and how idiotic you also looked and quickly changed your tune to what I had been saying all along. Now you're pretending it was some clever game on your part Even if it was, it would prove it's ypu who plays shady mind games, not me.

Also you were the one who freaked out and started using tons of exclaimation marks when I spelled Nadal with a "n" 1 time out of 2, so you call me sensitive is hilarious.
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