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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
Since you seem to have stopped your certification process, and therefore the continuing education that goes with it I think you're off base, and frankly a bit naive, with your attitudes about the USPTA and what pro certification really means.
Actually, I learn more and more about tennis everyday. I still consider myself a student of the game. Most of my education comes from looking at the ATP and WTA as well as collegiate tennis for new techniques, drills, and trends.

As I mentioned, the ex-ATP player who teaches has many instruction methods similar to mine. Comparing us to USPTA instructors, we certainly seem much more modern. I have never seen the lasso forehand (reverse forehand) taught, I've seen almost every professional player use this. The windshield wiper forehand is taught very rarely, and in my opinion incorrectly. Strategy is almost non-existent. Another odd difference is the obsession with moving into the net. Lots of approach shots and put aways at the net. I'm waiting to see wooden racquets and serve and volley!

You mentioned a continuation in USPTA certification... What does this entail? Weekly updates, newsletters, and study materials? Or does it entail strict re-testing every several months/years. Is it possible for a pro to receive certification in 1989 and still be teaching under the P1 title while ignoring any of the updates provided by the USPTA? I really hope this isn't the case.

Any USPTA or PTR instructors that can shed some light on these questions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you JW10S, for your insight, are you PTR or USPTA?
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