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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
So these are my questions:

Do you ever crowd the service line because you think you will gain a psychological advantage against the man?
Absolutely, especially if it proves successful early in the match. Do it against women too, even more extremely.


Would you be upset if your opponent rifled hard serves at you regardless of your gender?
Absolutely...not. If you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen. And, quite frankly, it's one of the reasons I'm not playing 8.0 right now. I simply can't catch up with a good 4.0M, much less a 4.5M's serve and don't want my male partner at such a disadvantage. I may eventually get there, but I really don't see it happening, nor is it something I'd necessarily pursue. If they ever changed it to 4.0Mxd, I'd consider it again but we have way too many really good 4.5M/3.5W combinations around here. If I can't contribute in any substantial way, I'll take a pass.

But your lady friend/partner is spot on. A lot of guys won't wail on it and I'm all for taking advantage of that reluctance.
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