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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
pvaudio and mikeler,

I have B5E and Silverstring in reels thanks to pvaudio's great playtesting. I am trying to lower the Wilson Steam 99S' stiffness the best I can with strings while staying with this frame. Love the frame, but my elbow doesn't like most frames over RDC measurements of 66, especially with fully poly.

Any suggestions? I have Tonic Gut 16g / Yonex Poly Pro Tour 16g in one frame, going to cut out the full bed of Yonex Poly Pro Tour in the other one as it's too stiff, and try Tonic Gut / Silverstring or B5E. I figure SS will last longer, maybe I am wrong to assume.

FYI: It takes me 12 hours to break 16g NRG or X-One crosses with B5E mains in a Wilson Pro Open strung at 55/55. Since I don't break strings as fast as you guys or couch, I'd love any more ideas you guys have.

I have been using B5E/X-One for 18 months and loved that combo, but it will not work in the Wilson Steam 99s with the 16x15 pattern.

Thanks guys.

P.S. Mikeler, you will get the B5E on Thursday according to the UPS manager. Sorry for the delay.
Tonic/SS should be a great hybrid. I personally do not think that B5E works well as a cross. SS, however, makes a very solid cross even though it's not my favorite. It has a very solid feel which is hard to explain.
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