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Originally Posted by Rumruner View Post
My men's team just started the 2013 spring season and we are short of players. Two weeks ago a player called wanting to join the team and I gave him the team number to sign up which he did. We have a match next Saturday and when I printed the match score card from Tennis Link I noticed that my opposing team had a player with the same name as one of my players.

Drilling down deeper on Tennis Link, I realized that both teams have the same player on our roster(s). My League Coordinator says that is impossible but facts are facts. I talked to the player and he confirmed he joined two teams but says he "quit" the other teams after playing the first match.

Could the computer have made an error?
If he played a match for the other team he cannot join your team.

They only let you switch squads if you have not yet played a match for team 1.
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