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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
I know you have been advocating this for a while but I don't agree. most top 1hbh in fact use pistol grip and it doesn't mean the heelpad will be on top bevil. and I don't think it's that important point. the heelpad can be changed slightly depending on situations. but for anyone who wants to involve wrist instead of locking should use pistol grip.
I don't want to spend time defining exactly what a "pistol" since it is often a matter of degree. It's my bad for bringing up the "pistol"; there's no need to reference the index finger when heelpad positioning is a more useful description of grip.

My point is that many people are taught to grip the handle with the heel pad too high. However, doing this makes it harder to hit high balls. This is why all pros with Eastern grips have their heel pad much further back from the top.

That was my main point.

My other point is that the "extremeness" of the grip can by altered by changing heelpad positioning. I can tell you know this, but the guy I was replying to didn't.

I agree that the higher the heelpad is, the easier it is to hit through the ball using supination, so it's a matter of choice/style.

However, I think using a lot of supination on medium-high+ balls is harder to learn (but possible), and therefore we shouldn't advocate it for beginners.
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