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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
Played a match indoors yesterday, and this was the first time I had ever used a poly string that I had strung myself at the 10 hour mark (string age).

So anyway, I couldn't keep the ball in. I was using an IG YT Prestige MP with BHB7 17 @ 52 lbs. It was a rocket launcher!

So my question is: as poly dies, is it supposed to get more powerful? No amount of spin I put on that ball kept it in. 90% of my shots sailed long. We only won our match because my partner stayed more consistent and dug me out of trouble.

other than that, there are no "classic" identifiers of string death. The strings weren't overly stiff, there wasn't a lot of string movement. The only symptom was way too much power.

Some poly strings die and literally give up the will to return the ball (no power) and some become slingshots like yours. As an example, WeissCannon polys go for the dead version and Kirschbaum polys go for the trebuchet version.

Aside from these feel-based identifiers, the sign that poly is dying is that the MAINS begin to move about more. Once dead, they do not return to their original place due to having no elasticity. Below is WeissCannon Scorpion at 8hrs and it's absolutely cremated:

This is the same string an hour before:

You can see that it's started to move about slightly, but it's no longer grid straight as when it's freshly strung.
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