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Just got back from my first hit with a full poly job, big improvement. I put a full job of 16 gauge poly at 64 lbs in and it was way better than the junk TNT that came in it.

I would like to try it with the new 15 g. 4G, now that could really work well. This racket can pull off some crazy shots, my forehand which I use a lot of top spin anyway was popping up big time. And my opponent came in a lot and my cross court passes were excellent.

The serve is very solid with good bite off the court, and pretty easy to control. My opponent has a big serve and I was pretty impressed with the way I was able to control the returns.

I slice a lot on the backhand side and I hit some really nasty biting slices. My opponent is better than me and he dictates play the majority of the time, but I was still able to play good defense and my lobs were landing in consistently.

That is pretty good considering that this racket is quite a bit more powerful than I am used to and I will still knock some more of the power out of it with a different string job.

For players that are more used to rackets with some power in them this racket will fit them nicely. The other thing I noticed is that it seems really comfy, I felt no shock of any kind. Plus it swings very easily and could easily have some weight added to it.

I will have to give this racket some more time with some different string jobs and see what happens.
Pacific BX2 X Force pro. wilson sensation 17 G. 60 lbs.
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