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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
U said u were going to use peds if so which ones? I had friends get ripped on Winstrol-v, get huge on D-bol, Decca, Anadrol and Anavar. Now Test and HGH is all the gear u need unless u r Lance then add in EPO lol!! If I would ever juice I go with Winstrol V and just one 5 mg tab a day to cut up. Yesterday I benched 265 for 15 then 270 for 15 then 275 for 15. Waiting until I hit the wall I would say 285 since that's the most I done for 15. One time I knocked out 20 @ 285 on a smith machine.
IDK yet. Looking at dbol, tbol, var, test, tren, deca, and halotestin. Done a lot of research on these and deciding this week what I'm gonna use, if I start now.
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