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Originally Posted by Herve View Post
I use a Babolat Hybrid on my 89, Hurricane Pro 17 on the mains at 53lbs and Excel Power 16 on the crosses at 55 lbs. That seems to do the trick, considering my arm almost fell off last year, suffered CPS and TE at the same time.

Good control and plenty of spin from the Hurricane, plenty of power and comfort from the Excel string.

And here's the best part: when the Excel starts to fray and breaks, it's time to change the Hurricane mains as well. It's a good indicator.

hope this helps.
Thanks Herve.

i have played with Excel and Pro hurricane but both on their own. i have never tried a hybrid before.

i just bought a whole reel of Alu power ... i think i will hybrid it with excel but i am confused which should go in the mains
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