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Originally Posted by timaru50 View Post
You have hit the Nail on the head very very true..I am a coach reasonable success and tells it how it is...parents shop around for a coach to hear what they want to here not that little Jonny is slack on technique! Elbow Up Elbow Up!!!!!!!
TCF is halfway right and so are you ,starting young in other sports you have no choice but to "develop into" and athlete , football , basketball, wrestling , boxing and most other sports right from the start as early as 8 yrs old there is physical contact THERFORE you have no choice but to develop yourself athletically or get ran over ,

In tennis no contact ! therefore we all wait for that magical tennis genie to do something special for little johnny , OR in your case Timura50 you need to buy a magic wand so your a better coach HAHA .
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