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Dimitrov isn't a good model because, like Fed, he straightens his arm late. This is enough of a reason when it comes to beginners/intermediates.

In addition, he uses a lot of upward thrust with his leg, which is tough to time right.

A Dimitrov/Federer stroke is something that should be grown into over the course of years. It's not something that someone should try to learn from scratch.
that sounds like a matter of preference

It's not preference. It's just my guess about what method will get kids using a workable 1hbh.

And my guess is that if a kid tries to copy dimitrov from scratch, he will be outperformed by 2-handers, as well as by 1-handers using a more simple model. Consistency will be tough, and so will high balls. Then, competitive pressure and/or frustration will then drive him to the 2hbh.

It's just my guess though. But it makes sense to think simpler is more effective for beginners. They can add other stuff later, which is what usually happens.

If a young kid wants to hit like the pros, he should probably follow the steps the pros took to develop their swing, rather that immediately try to mimic the end product. Learn algebra before calculus.

Federer himself started with much more basic, conventional strokes. Watch this video of Federer playing when he was 16:

While there are flashes of his future strokes, they are noticably more rigid in this vid. It was only later that he fully developed and consistently used his distict bh and forehand.

Patience pays off, especially if we're talking about young juniors.
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