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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Beat his main rival more times then not. ROFLMAO

Something your boy couldn't do
Let me translate this: "Let us only consider these these areas in which Sampras is better than Federer to prove that Sampras is better than Federer even though every other stat between them proves otherwise."

The fact is - Federer broke every Sampras record. Sampras has absolutely nothing on Federer except the h2h where you have to consider factors such as:
1) surfaces - 75% of the tournaments played throughout the year were at least medium fast, whereas today every single one is extremely slow. Fair.
2) age - Sampras more or less the same age as Agassi (1,5 years younger to be exact) while Federer is 5 years older than Nadal. Fair.
3) The no of matches played on particular surfaces. 50% of the matches on clay between Federer/Nadal, another 25% on riddiculously slow hard courts (AO, Miami), maybe 25% of the time the surface favored Federer - which is Dubai, WTF and Wimbledon. Out of 34 matches 29 were played on either grass, carpet or hard courts. Again, 14 out of 28 were on clay between Federer and Nadal. Fair.
4) Match-up. Sampras only had problems with ultimate serve and volleyers and players who served bigger than him. He faced them app. once a year and very rarely in majors. Federer in the current era literally has to outgrind Nadal to win his matches. Fair again.

I don't even consider other factors such as:
5) Agassi being out for like 3,5 years smack in Sampras' prime (1993-1997), he only started to dedicate himself more after 1998 when Sampras was in his late 20's. Nadal hasn't dropped out of the top 4 since 2005, only now when he missed 8 months of the season he's down to no 5.
6) Nadal on slow surfaces (especially clay) >>>> Agassi on any surface. Moreso when you consider how much stronger mentally Nadal is.
Just shows you how pointless H2H's are. Nadal beat Fed but in the end it meant jack, they both walked away with nothing. It's about winning titles.

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