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Here is some info on Moto:

"A heptagonal shaped string developed for the high performance player. This seven sided construction allows for greater ball bite so a player can generate massive amounts of spin on ground strokes and serves. The co-poly material
is very responsive and provides greater feedback and excellent tension maintenance."

I play routinely with the Pacific Northwest sales rep for Gamma and Dunlop. He is a former college player and plays at 5.0 to 5.5 level (double handed on both side interestingly). He's VERY good and he whips me whenever we play, but I can keep up with him from the baseline in basic rallying practice.

Anyway, he uses the new Gamma Moto string and he "loves it." That's actually what he said to me in an email when I asked him for some info on this string: "I love the new Gamma Moto."
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