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Even as a Laker non-hater, i think it's time to panic. Dantoni isn't the right guy for this team. Gotta put Pau/Dwight in the post and play inside out. This team is one good trade away, but they won't make it. They don't have enough shooters to play off their bigs. This would be an all time disaster if they miss the playoffs.

Compare Memphis to LA. Very similar personnel. I know they lost today, but would you rather have ZBo than Dwight? Marc than Pau (thats the only maybe yes). Conley than Nash? And finally, Gay than Kobe? Only thing Memphis has is depth, which is important of course, but at the top LA isn't that different if they just played a different style and slowed it down to adapt to their personnel. Bold statement: They'd be doing better if they kept Mike Brown.

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