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Default Gilad Bloom: Forehandfinish in the neck!?

Hi, In europe it's winter so I'm working on my technique to improve

I'm a 3,5 player who has a semi-western grip and 90% of the finishes I end up wrapping around my shoulder/middle. most open en semi-open stances. I prefer clay.

I'm more of a spanish player, but I want to play more agressive on the indoor hardcourt I'm playing now, I came across this interesting article between styles american hardcourt vs spanish clay players

After searching the Internet I studied the tips form coach Gilad Bloom on the Forehand.

Why is he recommending a finish in the neck, before you end up around the shoulder?

I have read a lot of threads about the finishing and know that it's the result of how you hit before contacting the ball, not the goal on itself.

Does this helps to extend more and hit through the ball?
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