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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
He won a GS.....he would be harassed if he doesn't make those adjustments.
I just think that playing Federer or Djokovic is always a huge step up, doing it after lesser preparation is even harder. It's like boxers who train against poor training partners in the lead up to a big fight, the sharpness just isn't there. I'm a big cricket fan and Countries who play weak teams in warm up matches very often fail when it comes to the Test matches when they come round. There is no substitute for real world competition, however much practice you put in.

Federer for instance has had a nice progression through, the players he played were never going to beat him, but Tsonga and Raonic are great matches to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Murray will likely be going into matches with Federer, and hopefully Djokovic, under done. As a fan that worries me.
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