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My top 10 at the moment:

1. Federer
2. Rosewall
3. Laver
4. Sampras
5. Borg
6. Nadal
7. Gonzales
8. Lendl
9. Connors
10. Mansour Barhami

- Federer ahead of Rosewall and Laver is mostly arbitrary.I rank Rosewall higher than Laver because of how long he lasted, but I don't really know how Roger compare with them. But his achievements are amazing, his tennis skills too, and his my favorite player.
-I rank Borg higher than Nadal because I think that the channel slam was more difficult to achieve at his time than today.
- I give a "penalty" to Gonzales because I have trouble to rate his titles in terms of difficulty and achievement. I don't consider that head-to-head is comparable to tournament, as the match-up are too important.
- I reckon that Bill Tilden is a top 10 player, but I didn't know how to rank him as I lack comparison means. Unlike Gonzales, for whom we can assume that he would have dominated if the Open era had begun in the 50's (because he dominated future dominating players). Instead I have put Mansour Barhami, who has nothing to do here (and there are too much candidate for the tenth place).
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